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We manufacture and bulk wholesale featured infomercial products as seen on TV and other specialty goods. Whether you are an established importer, wholesaler or just a start-up trying to sell on ebay or in a local store, we are your ideal supplier and partner from China.

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Featured Product
Bumpits Big Happie Hair
Bumpits Big Happie Hair
Most Popular
Silly Bandz - Animal Rubber Bands Bugslock Wrist Band Slim'n Lift Silhouette Supreme - Gives You A Sexy Look Instantly
Silly Bandz Bugslock Slim'n Lift
Best Selling
EZ Jet Water Cannon As Seen On TV Forearm Forklift - Adjustable Lifting Straps EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Slim Clip - Double-Sided Money Clip Save A Blade - Ingenious New Razor Sharpener
EZ Jet Forearm Forklift EZ Cracker Slim Clip Save A Blade
Cami Secret As Seen On TV EZ Combs - Create Amazing Hairstyles Yoshiblade Ceramic Knife As Seen On TV The Ove Glove As Seen On TV Neckline Slimmer As Seen On TV
Cami Secret EZ Combs YoshiBlade The Ove Glove Neckline Slimmer
Turbo Snake - Fast Drain Cleaner Kangaroo Keeper Bag Organizer As Seen On TV Titan Peeler - Julienne Tool With Garnishing Feature Riddex Plus - Pest Repeller Safe Slice Knife Guard As Seen On TV
Turbo Snake Kangaroo Keeper Titan Peeler Riddex Plus Safe Slice Guard
Perfect Fit Button - Add an Inch to Your Pants Waist in Seconds!
Perfect Fit Button
Bare Lifts Instant Breast Lift
Bare Lifts
Sure Clip Nail Clipper As Seen On TV
Sure Clip
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About us:
Established in May 2006, AsSeenOnTV-Supplier.com has become a China leading manufacturer & bulk wholesaler for as seen on TV products, infomercial items, novelty goods and promotional gifts. Our factory has been approved by Quality Managing System ISO9001:2000 and Environment Managing System ISO14001:2004. Our mission is to... (read more)
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